Acetylene vs Propane Cutting
Acetylene Cutting Torch Setup
Allowable Load At Center Of Steel Span Guideline
Bolt Grade Information
Cylinder Size Chart
Gauge Thickness Chart
Fractional Conversion Chart
I-Beam & C-Channel Dimension Chart
Oxy / Acet. 4130
Oxy / Acet. Cutting Tip vs Metal Thickness Chart
Oxy / Acet. Welding Tip vs Metal Thickness Chart
Pulley Diameter & Speeds
TIG Welding Information
Tap & Drill Size Chart
Welding Symbols
Bronze Statue Repair
Brew Cycle
Outfeed Tables
PDF Files
Ductile Iron
Hollow Structural Steels
HSS LRFD Column Load Tables
HSS LRFD Beam Load Tables
HSS LRFD Composite Load Tables
HSS Column Load Tables Brochure
HSS Soft Size Conversion Brochure
Informational Links
Measurement Conversions ( link to site )
Technical Video Rental
Welding Cutting & Heating Guide

This is my collection of misc. welding information.

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